Shipping and returns policy

Return and shipping policies

We encourage you to view our list of questions and answers regarding exchange, return and shipping policies and conditions here. Where our general position and the extent of our interest in you were clarified, and important advice was given, and it contains some answers about the duration of the shipment’s arrival, its cost, the possibility of free delivery or not, what days the shipment takes place, the means of communication, the companies agreed upon on the shipment, and what follows that.

It is important to see the details of the shipments and what follows on this page and through the Frequently Asked Questions page. The limits of obligations have also been clarified, and when a return or replacement is accepted, with a link to request a replacement or return form.

  1. Before return and exchange

 We invite you with love to shop from your platform, Mouj Al Amaq, and we aim greatly in the first place to achieve your aspirations with an added value that creates full benefit for all parties. We hope that you choose your products very carefully so that you can enjoy shopping and help us reduce costs, which gives us everything that we can to serve you properly.

Certain products or services may be available exclusively online via our website, and these products or services may have limited quantities and may only be returned or exchanged in accordance with our Return Policy.

  • Terms of return or exchange

The return or exchange process takes real time and cost for all parties, but it does not prevent the return of the tangible product in accordance with the conditions below .

  1. In the event of an exchange or return of the product, you must contact us first to help us solve the problem without delay.
  2. The customer has the right to return the product within 3 days from the date of receiving the order, provided that the product is intact and has not undergone any change, and the customer bears the shipping costs in full, and the cost of the product is returned to the customer within 14 days, and the customer bears the fees for the return process by the payment gateway service providers.
  3. The customer has the right to exchange the product for another product of the same value, before sending the shipment.
  4. After sending the shipment, he has the right to exchange it within 14 working days without opening or using it, and he must bear the full shipping cost and the product cost difference, if any.
  5. If the product is defective, or does not conform to the specifications that were specified at the time of purchase, the customer has the right to replace or retrieve the product within (7) days, and in this case the customer must send proof of the shipping costs, indicating in it: (a copy of the invoice – consignment number – shipping – And the cost (filling out the return form) then the customer has the right to recover the full amount without incurring any fees.
  6. The products included in the discounts and offers are not exchanged or refunded, with the exception of the presence of a defect in the product, see: Clause 4 of the terms of return and exchange.
  7. In the event of purchases from promotional offers (such as buy 2 get 1 free), all products included in the offer must be returned.
  8. The customer shall bear all shipping fees upon return or exchange, and fees for returns, except for Clause No. 5 referred to above .
  9. The products must be in their original condition (the price tag and stickers are present, and the product is not used).
  10.  You can only exchange the color or size for the same product.
  11.  In the event that the order is returned after being received by the customer, shipping fees and payment fees upon receipt are not refundable.
  12.  Accessories (including masks) and underwear cannot be exchanged or returned in order to preserve public health.
  13.  The product can be changed, exchanged or canceled before the shipment process begins.

* The customer covers the return or exchange value of shipping, refund fees, and payment fees upon receipt.


3- What cannot be returned or replaced

It is not accepted to return or replace products in the following cases:
1- Returns are not accepted after (3) days have passed from the date of receiving the order, and replacement is not accepted after (7) days.
2- When the product changes from its original condition for any reason.
3- When used beyond the purpose of experiment.

  • Intangible products cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Some tangible products that may have been used by you cannot be returned or exchanged. (Public Health)
  • It is not possible to return if the product is changed or different from its original condition.
  • No return or exchange is possible if any packaging or cover of the product has been opened and not the shipping cover or packaging.

4- Time and cost

  • This time is estimating and is as close as possible to correctness. The period may increase or decrease, and in both cases it is not more than (3) days in increase or decrease.
  • Shipping within Saudi Arabia will be within (3) working days
  • Shipping to the Gulf countries will be within (5) working days
  • Shipping to other countries will be within (7) working days
  • Shipping costs appear automatically upon order completion. They are shown in the following attachment (PDF file)
  • The cost of return or exchange appears in the details of the request for approval of return or exchange, and is usually not less than 19 riyals inside Saudi Arabia.
  • Payment on receipt is only available in Saudi Arabia.
  • Delivery of products to the customer within a maximum of (14) working days, whether internally or externally.
    It does not include working days:
    – Weekends (Friday)
    – Holidays
  • Force majeure or exceptional circumstances .

5- which can be returned

The only case in which the return is made with the return of all fees in the event of a manufacturing defect or a damaged product only. See Clause No. 5 of the terms of return and use.

 6- Method of return and exchange

  • Attach the original purchase invoice
  • A manufacturing defect or damaged product.
  • Attach the original invoice.
  • The product must be wrapped in its original condition, unopened and unused.
  • Availability of all attachments and accessories of the original product
  • The above return process does not take place until the items sent to us arrive and are in conformity with the terms of return.
  • You will receive the return policy within 3 working days via email. Please print the policy and contact Aramex on the unified number  920027447  to coordinate the date of receiving the shipment from your location, or you can deliver it to the nearest Aramex branch.
  • In the event that the payment was prepaid (bank card, credit card, Apple Pay), the amount will be returned to your account within 14 working days.
    • In the event that the payment was made through the “Payment upon receipt” feature, the amount will be returned via a voucher used on our website.
  • Fill out the return form  here

7- Areas covered by freight


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