Lavender necklace

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Lavender Necklace

**Product Description: Lavender Necklace**

**Product Specifications:**
The Lavender Necklace is a luxurious necklace crafted from sapphire, emerald, turquoise, and ruby gemstones. It features four different types of gemstones: African sapphire, Indian emerald, Pakistani turquoise, and African ruby. The necklace is available in four stunning colors: yellow, blue, red, and green, arranged in five dazzling rows.

**Usage Instructions:**
1. Wear the Lavender Necklace around your neck carefully.
2. Open the necklace clasp gently to ensure it is securely fastened.
3. Let the necklace gracefully drape on your chest to give you a magnificent look.

1. The Lavender Necklace combines four different types of gemstones, offering you a variety of colors and appearances.
2. This necklace provides an opulent and dazzling appearance that makes you shine at special occasions.
3. The necklace is designed and crafted locally, enhancing its quality and significance.
4. The Lavender Necklace offers you a one-of-a-kind and exceptional experience, blending the beauty of colors with the sparkle of gemstones.

This necklace is a stunning and suitable addition for special occasions, giving you the opportunity to stand out with elegance and luxury.

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Lavender necklace
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